SMEMA Hermes Adaptor for Single SMT Lane IPC-HERMES-9852 Upgrades

SMEMA Hermes Adaptor (QUENTIN) for single lane production line electronic assembly. (SMT/SMD)
Manufacturer: 4IR.UK British Systems
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With the release of the IPC-HERMES-9852 Standard and its intent to replace the existing SMEMA standard, SMT manufacturers require an upgrade path for their existing equipment.

Where available, an software upgrade is the obvious upgrade path for manufacturing equipment, however this may not be available for 'dumb' equipment such as conveyors.

QUENTIN, our Single Lane SMEMA Hermes Adaptor mimics the SMEMA Upline and Downline states, by retrieving the Hermes board data from the equipment previous in the line, and retrieves the Hermes Ready, Not Ready, state from the equipment next in-line, this is then converted into SMEMA signals for the legacy equipment to interpret.

The Adaptor is a hardware device that has both Upline and Downline SMEMA JR12 Connections, an Ethernet port for Hermes connections, and runs on a powerful single board computer. One Adaptor is required for each piece of equipment that lacks Hermes compatibility.

An RS232 serial port is available for automatic conveyor width adjustments or other legacy equipment communication.

Configuration is conducted by a MultiPlug Extension which also handles all the Hermes software connections.

A product website can be viewed at:


The core MultiPlug Extention is MultiPlug.Ext.Hermes and the Adaptor includes a software license.

Technical Support

4IR.UK SMEMA Hermes Adaptor Support Page


Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
Import and Export for Customs
Harmonised System (HS) Code85 17 62 00 00
Country of Origin (CO)GB
Weight (kg)0.227
Length (mm)109
Width (mm)62
Height (mm)55
Input Power
Voltage5.1 DC
Amps (minimum)3
RTC BatteryCoin Cell, 3 Volt, 2032, Lithium Manganese Dioxide, 230 mAh
SMT Assembly
Machine ReadyPins 1 & 2
Board Available (Good) (OK)Pins 3 & 4
Failed Board (Bad) (NOK)Pins 7 & 8
Switching TechnologyRelay
Switching Voltage (Max)30 DC
Output Voltage5
Operating SystemRaspberry Pi OS Lite (32-bit) Debian Linux Bullseye
Edge Computing PlatformMultiPlug 2.2
MultiPlug ExtensionsMultiPlug.Ext.Hermes (Proprietary), MultiPlug.Ext.RasPi.GPIO (Open source), MultiPlug.Ext.RasPi.Config (Open source), MultiPlug.Ext.SerialPort (Open source), MultiPlug.Ext.Network.Sockets (Open source), MultiPlug.Ext.Hermes.Config (Proprietary)
Standard1 Year
AdaptorSMEMA Hermes Adaptor SL
Power SupplyNo
Software1 Software Licence
Data Connections
RS-232 DB-91
USB 2.02
USB 3.02
WiFi2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz IEEE 802.11ac
ProcessorBroadcom BCM2711, Quad core Cortex-A72 (ARM v8) 64-bit SoC @ 1.5GHz
Data Storage32GB SD Card
Audio4-pole stereo audio and composite video port
Micro-HDMI ports2
Real Time Clock1
LEDsStatus (Red, Yellow or Green), Upstream SMEMA Machine Ready (Yellow), Upstream Hermes Good Board Available (Green), Upstream Hermes Bad Board Available (Green), Downstream Hermes Machine Ready (Green), Downstream SMEMA Good Board Available (Yellow), Downstream SMEMA Bad Board Available (Yellow)
Audible AlarmContinuous tone 85dB
User Interface
On-Device1 Shutdown or Restart Button
Setup and MonitoringWeb Browser
The Hermes Standard Website
Latest Specification
MultiPlug Extension Website
3.3 CheckAliveYes
3.4 ServiceDescriptionYes
3.5 NotificationYes
3.6 BoardAvailableYes
3.7 RevokeBoardAvailableYes
3.8 MachineReadyYes
3.9 RevokeMachineReadyYes
3.10 StartTransportYes
3.11 StopTransportYes
3.12 TransportFinishedYes
3.16 BoardForecastYes
3.17 QueryBoardInfoYes
3.18 SendBoardInfoYes
3.28 CommandYes
3.19 SetConfigurationNo
3.20 GetConfigurationN/A
3.21 CurrentConfigurationYes
3.22 SupervisoryServiceDescriptionYes
3.23 BoardArrivedYes
3.24 BoardDepartedYes
3.25 QueryWorkOrderInfoYes
3.26 SendWorkOrderInfoN/A
3.27 ReplyWorkOrderInfoNo - Planned
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