SMEMA Male Dongles (Pair)

SMEMA Male Dongles to RJ12
Manufacturer: 4IR.UK British Systems
SKU: B514512A
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Length: 1.0 Metre

These dongles are intended to be purchased with, or by customers that already have, any of the SMEMA Adaptor Family products;

  • Quentin
  • Austin
  • Clive
  • Oscar
  • Jasper

They feature SMEMA Male Plugs, so are intended for direct SMT equipment connections, which should have Female sockets, and are shorter than the SMEMA Female Dongles to keep the installations neater.

Some longer SMT equipment, such as pick and place machines and ovens may have the SMEMA sockets at each end of the upline and downline, in this case an extension cable may be required, not supplied here.

You can create your own cables by using the wiring diagram shown below. Your factory IT professional may have a crimp tool for the RJ12 connection.

SMEMA Female Dongles are also available which are slightly longer and intended to be used with extension cables.